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Over my digital marketing career I have built up an award-winning Agency and have never looked back.
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My name is Gareth Bull, I’ve been marketing websites through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Pay Per Click (PPC) for nearly four years. Generating nothing but results. Transparency is key with me, as an SEO consultant, expert, freelancer whatever you want to call me, the bottom line is the only important metric. Many local agencies (small & large), freelancers, fluff out their monthly reports with complete jargon. Mine are full with results and metrics you can understand. Simple. Consulting SEO throughout the UK, London and around the world. This industry is fast changing like no other, having an expert onboard with your campaign is crucial for short and long term success. You’ll become part of an exclusive group of clients that get full access to the most tested techniques in the industry, my team and I will take care of everything, giving you the stress free service you need.

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Three year story

Quitting my job


Setting up a Search agency wasn’t something I originally wanted or thought about. When I ranked an affiliate site that was generating more income than my full-time online marketing job on autopilot, I knew I’d never work for anyone ever again.

Growing my affiliate portfolio was something I got straight down to business doing, building up multiple passive revenue streams so I could go travelling without worrying about budgeting.

After I returned, I worked from home for a couple of months and decided working alone wasn’t enjoyable and I knew if I wanted to scale my processes I’d need in-house staff.

Alongside scaling my e-commerce and affiliate sites – I took on my first client, for a bit of diversity and this was when I decided to launch my agency.


Birth of Bulldog


After a couple months of working on a site and working with small clients, I landed my first big client. This meant more than just ‘another client’, it meant things had to move forward. This is where I employed my first employee, Lee, Head of SEO at Bulldog. We moved into a small office and worked hard to keep and increase our client base.


Awards & Accreditations


Throughout the first year of Bulldog Lee and myself gained two awards, The Drum Search Awards Finalists 2015 and the EDA Online Business Awards 2014. We were growing a reputation in the Digital Marketing industry and things were looking ahead, especially after being announced certified Google Partners and Bing Ads professionals.


Viral articles


The viral articles not only gave myself exposure, but also built on the reputation of Bulldog. I featured on Huffington Post with ‘A Blogger’s Introduction to SEO’ as well as two viral infographics that featured on Adweek and Marketing Land.


Expanding my Agency


With the client base increasing, so did the employees. An account manager, office manager, digital outreacher and two graphic designers later I had an experienced and dedicated team behind Bulldog.


Building up a reputable brand


With over 60 clients, 2 awards, 2 viral infographics, 2 accreditations and a RAR recommendation, Bulldog has built up to be the Digital Marketing Agency that every business wants to work with.


New office


With the expansion of Bulldog ever increasing, we needed a new location. The new office has created more opportunities for expansion enabling a bigger team of Digital Marketing professionals.