FAQ Schema For Beginners

In order to generate, maintain, and promote structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and elsewhere, schema was established in 2011. It is made up of tags or other little pieces of information that are added to web pages to aid search engines in understanding its semantic nature. From article schema […]

Should Agency Owners Embrace Or Fear AI?

We may still be thinking that artificial intelligence or AI is a long way off in terms of a world similar to “The Matrix”. But, in truth, AI is already part of all our daily lives, from self-driving electric cars, to Alexa, Siri and friends. Due to this, there are more and more enterprises that […]

How I Use Schema Markup To Improve Website Structures

The largest SEO potential your company is missing out on may perhaps be schema markup! In this article, my aim is to explain how schema markup can organise data on a webpage in a way that improves its value to search engines and helps the website’s SEO, discuss the different techniques for including schema markup […]

6 SEO Tips I’ve Learnt To Boost Rankings

It has never been more crucial for a business to manage its search rankings. In the past, having a listing on Google’s first page would be sufficient to drive a sizable volume of visitors to your website. However, it is no longer the case. Now, the key is to land on the first page and […]

10 SEO Hacks You Need To Know To Rank On Google

Businesses spent more than $47 billion on SEO in 2020. Studies by the Business Research Company suggest that the value of SEO as an industry will reach nearly $80 billion by the end of 2023. The popularity of SEO keeps increasing as many major trends evolve, making it harder for some companies to stay on […]