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I’m Gareth Bull – a digital marketing consultant, agency director, SaaS co-founder, multi-ecommerce owner, FBA and affiliate marketer. I have extensive experience in building online businesses through data-driven digital marketing strategies.

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Digital marketing & strategist consultant in London

/ organic strategies

Organic growth strategies improve your traction and online presence in non-paid search results. As an SEO specialist, I produce everything from technical audits to content optimisation, all with the aim of growing your online business in relation to your goals.

/ paid strategies

Paid strategies ensure a quicker way to reach potential customers with your online business offerings. As an online marketing consultant, I help businesses advertise right, whether that’s using search, display or social ads.

/ digital pr strategies

As part of my digital PR services, I deploy compelling storytelling efforts to help online businesses share their journeys with customers in high-ranking and credible publications.

Frequently asked digital marketing questions

Digital or online marketing has become hard to ignore for businesses of all types and sizes, especially as online platforms continue to increase in traction.

Digital marketing is any form of online marketing. It covers the umbrella of advertising - organic, social and PR-related ways of brand-building online. 

Digital marketing has evolved dramatically over time, becoming more accessible and including a wider range of channels. 

Digital marketing can work in an infinite amount of ways by combining multiple channels of marketing. This also changes depending on your business model, online goals and marketing capabilities. 

To achieve this effectively, businesses develop effective marketing strategies for various reasons. If you're looking to drive traffic and conversions quickly, advertising could be for you. If you're looking to brand build and reach new audiences, PR and social marketing could be the route for you.

My digital marketing strategies cover your priorities into an affordable and easy-to-follow roadmap to reach your online goals. 

I provide a wide range of interconnected digital marketing services, from content marketing to conversion rate optimisation. I have extensive experience in creating successful SEO, social media, PPC, digital PR and link building services for businesses of all sizes.

Digital marketing is an unending journey that demands businesses to implement campaigns, measure performance, and continually evolve. Every effective digital marketing process mirrors this flow. I use an iterative cycle that begins with ample research to help me understand a business’s marketing goals, objectives, and current situation. 

With this understanding, a digital marketing strategy can be developed for us to begin work. All efforts are performed with a significant quality assurance guarantee, and the strategies don’t end after implementation. The review and feedback stage helps us evaluate campaigns based on specific KPIs carved out of the goals and objectives identified earlier in the process.

First, feel free to review some of my case studies to learn more about my strategies and way of working. You can reach out to me via my agency, and they’ll outline a brief process and the next steps. Note that we may need access to your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, especially if you’re considering PPC advertising in addition to your digital marketing campaign.

My digital marketing strategies have helped various clients improve their online visibility, reach, and conversions. Every strategy has specific success metrics tailored to the client's unique marketing needs. 

For instance, one of my client’s main goals was to increase in revenue. With my strategies, the brand increased online revenue by a whopping 105%.

Another client recorded an increase in year-on-year organic traffic, while a sportswear brand reported a 130% in page-one keywords with the help of my SEO strategies. 

For a leading vitamin brand, my digital marketing strategies contributed to a 72% increase in organic traffic to the company’s product pages. Another reported an 85% increment in ad revenue while I’ve also boosted page one keywords by 313%. 

These are a few of the top results I have achieved so far with my digital marketing consultancy services.

Digital marketing is quite expansive. One thing I have realised in my line of work is that online businesses must diversify their revenue channels and growth sources when growing online businesses. 

For instance, PPC can be a quick fix for increasing your traffic and ramping up sales in the short term. Still, you may need organic SEO strategies for a more sustainable and long-term impact on your online authority and credibility. 

Therefore, you’ll have a better chance of achieving your online goals by combining multiple methods in your campaigns than sticking with a specific option. 

Luckily, I offer a wide range of services under the digital marketing umbrella. They include:


How a multi-channel paid search and SEO strategy can cause a 255% increase in keywords ranking


How a content and email marketing strategy can increase your online revenue by 105%


How to achieve a 10x ROAS and increase revenue through dynamic search ads and Google Shopping

My digital marketing consulting process

01 / Discovery

The more knowledge I have about you and your marketing goals, the better. At this stage, I gather any information ready for my proposal to you.

02 / Analysis

I deconstruct your business by looking at your analytics and developing a workable solution to reach your digital marketing goals. 

03 / Strategy

This stage of the consultation process involves discussions about a roadmap for operations, costs estimated, and expected outputs.

04 / Execution

All prior processes are to help you understand what we have in store for your online business. Once you sign off, your online growth begins.

A bit about me. In 2013, I quit my job after ranking my own site and creating a passive income. 10 years down the line, I have built an agency that has serviced & grown over 200 online businesses. Co-founded an email platform that has sent 20+ billion emails. Acquired & multiplied 5 ecommerce businesses. Grown 12 affiliate sites & released 7 market-leading products through Amazon FBA. All made possible through my love for the ever-growing SEO landscape and creating strategies that grow all types of business.

Digital marketing consultant in London

How can digital marketing grow your business?

Digital marketing has worked for businesses of all sizes and remains crucial to business growth.

One of the most prominent ways of digital marketing is SEO. Studies show that 82% of consumers research on the internet before buying. Your business may be losing out on a tonne of traffic if your business doesn’t appear on the first page, seeing 0.78% of Google searches click on results from the second page.

This is where multi-channel digital marketing comes in. Although SEO can be a long-term game, advertising can be brought into your marketing strategy to provide a short-term revenue stream. Going a step deeper into your strategy, you can look into optimising your site to convert better, set up email marketing to re-engage with customers to drive lifetime value. 

My digital marketing agency

My digital marketing agency was founded in 2013 and has become the solid machinery churning out high-growth online businesses. The team at Bulldog Digital Media prides itself in various successes. My clients operate in multiple industries, giving a rich trove of experience to understand and improve the business world. Apart from the team’s stellar history of helping businesses leverage digital marketing, the team members are abreast with the emerging latest trends that characterise the modern digital marketing landscape. They know create appetising content, how to link build and most importantly, how to grow online brands. The digital marketing industry has always been a hotspot for evolution and fluid trend changes. But the agency is well-positioned to stay nimble and offer successful digital marketing strategies and other efforts to scale in competition and grow your business.

Other services within digital marketing

My work involves using Google Shopping, Display, and social ads to chart the growth path for online business clients.

Utilise the power of onsite optimisation to improve organic traffic, helping businesses reach their online goals.

The ecommerce space continues to expand! I specialise in Shopify and Magento ecommerce growth.

Now more than ever, creating content personalised to your customer’s pain points is crucial to ensure you’re reaching them online.

Tap into the power of quality link-building services to improve your rankings and traffic online.

Your goals are the key element to consider when developing a successful strategy. PR focuses on building an online reputation and driving organic growth. 

How was digital marketing affected by COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we communicate digitally, buyer behaviour, and customers’ perceptions of ecommerce. For the most part, these changes were more positive than negative. Statista reveals that online platform visits surged from 16 to 22 billion between 2019 and 2021 during the height of the pandemic. However, the competition is higher now, and businesses need to be more engaging and empathetic to remain relevant and competitive with their digital marketing efforts.