How a content and email marketing strategy can increase your online revenue by 105%


Quality content backed by consistent email marketing campaigns can dramatically drive your online revenue

The importance of content & email

When it comes to growing an ecommerce, ensuring you have a strategy for acquisition is a given. However, having a strategy to drive lifetime value is something a lot of businesses miss. Although content can drive awareness and acquisition organically, you can use this same content in partnership with email marketing campaigns to curate customers and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds, and inbox.

Experiencing low conversion rates and low lifetime value?

It’s a common problem, and one that is very fixable. It just requires some hard graft to get your website and marketing thinking differently: how can we create a fantastic buying experience from start to finish?

Use case example

After seeing its online performance plateauing, this UK-based online pharmacy contacted me to re-energise its digital strategy. Their service focused on delivering products and treatments directly to their customers’ homes, yet their website failed to generate any significant return. My brief was to get innovative and boost their bottom line.

Multi-channel marketing strategy


Taking a multi-angle approach to the marketing strategy meant I could totally revitalise the client’s website. As a result, the client’s reputation as one of the UK’s top online pharmacies has been reinforced. They also experienced a 105% rise in revenue as well as an increase of 14% in their mobile conversion rate.

When it comes to creative content, the strategy also increased organic users by 62%, while the focused email campaign saw a 109% increase in email revenue. And the underperforming ads account has now produced a 3.88 increase in ROAS, which all leads to a very healthy diagnosis for my client.

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