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How consistent quality content and link building can increase organic revenue by 81%


Combining quality content and consistent link acquisition can drive a huge increase in organic revenue for your site

How content and links work together

Content and links, the two kings of SEO. However, a lot of sites don’t think to utilise the two together. Creating content that acquires links requires a next level of quality. Whilst creating quality content it’s so important that you’re adopting the EAT and YMYL guidelines that Google released back in 2021. Taking the first step and following these to produce quality content will help you acquire more links to your site, especially in a competitive niche.

Being drowned out in a competitive niche?

Starting a new online business becomes easier every year. Niches are becoming saturated, however that doesn’t mean you need to give up. Applying the right strategies can make you stand out in the market.

Use case example

I was first approached by a leading UK supplier of acrylic plastic back in 2015 with the primary goal of boosting their online revenue. With over 30 years of industry experience, the company had two significant online challenges. First, the client was finding it difficult to get their website visible in an exceptionally competitive market. And second, as their website was relatively new, it was struggling to gain any authority. My task was to create both a short and long-term strategy for driving much-needed traffic to the client’s website and increasing their online revenue.

SEO strategy for a competitive niche


Despite the size of the challenge facing my client, the campaign was a significant success. Their website saw a remarkable 91% increase in organic traffic, which led to an 81% increase in associated revenue. The website has also seen a 15% rise in page one keywords and a 29% uplift in its domain rating. And, when it comes to much-needed authority in their sector space, my client’s website now mirrors their position as a market leader and trusted resource for the plastics industry.

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