How a multi-channel paid search and SEO strategy can cause a 255% increase in keywords ranking


You can use paid search data and an SEO strategy to increase the number of keywords ranking dramatically

Combining paid and organic strategies

Contrary to tradition, paid and organic services are usually supplied by different departments or agencies. However, combining the data and results of these two channels can provide a great resource to an overall marketing strategy. Such as high performing keywords, click through rates, landing page testing and much more can be done to utlitise the SEO and PPC dynamic.

Need to see online growth through SEO & PPC?

Boosting an online presence doesn’t just start with SEO or PPC, it should start with both. Growing a short term revenue stream whilst you build up the other is key to growing efficiently.

Use case example

My client is a locksmith and key-cutting client who came to me for help in boosting their online presence and revenue. After many years of focusing on in-store purchases, they now wanted to make their mark with ecommerce. But they were facing strong competition online and were finding it difficult to break through.

How to grow with PPC & SEO


When this client first approached me, it was clear that there were some big challenges to be tackled if we were to achieve their desired outcome. But with solid industry analysis, coupled with a well-thought-out and executed strategy, I was able to hit the mark. My client has since achieved a remarkable 255% increase in keyword ranking, leading to a 92% rise in overall website traffic. The site itself is dramatically improved and easy to find, evidenced by its ranking for high-volume search terms. My client is now ‘out of the shadow’ of its online competitors and making its mark as a thriving ecommerce business.

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