How to achieve a 10x ROAS and increase revenue through dynamic search ads and Google Shopping


Utilising dynamic search ads and Google Shopping can improve revenue whilst keeping your return on ad spend positive

Why use dynamic search ads?

Dynamic search ads are automatically generated headlines that target your audience. This audience is based on their search and habits to ensure your ads are relevant to them. Combining dynamic search ads with Google Shopping is a fantastic way to drive revenue to your ecommerce through a more hands off and automated approach.

Online ads not converting well?

Reaching an audience online and converting them isn’t easy. It takes a lot of testing and learning, as your business increases in ad spend it’s a tough pill to swallow. This is where my experienced PPC team come in.

Use case example

As one of the leading barware specialists, this client was looking for additional support for their in-house digital team. Supplying bar and glassware, tableware, and catering equipment, the company has a large online store, stocking over 18,000 products. With such an extensive online product range, the client wanted to widen their paid search horizons and increase their bottom line.

Using PPC to adapt


Despite the challenges of 2020, my client came to me just at the right time. By implementing a thoroughly researched and optimised paid campaign, my client was able to cater for the three key networks – non-brand search, display and discovery. The result has been a 10-fold increase on ad spend return. My client’s ecommerce site also saw an impressive 737% revenue increase via non-brand searches. This meant my client was able to adapt to the market shifts brought about by the pandemic and successfully target both trade and individual consumers. During the Christmas period alone, my client saw a 309% increase in sales, compared year on year. Which is clear evidence that if you are able to respond quickly to change, you can reap the rewards.

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