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How strong link building campaign can increase organic traffic by 72% in 6 months


Genuine link building can increase rankings and drive organic traffic within a short period of time, when done right

Is link building still effective?

Link building has, and always will be a very strong factor in Google’s algorithm. Although link building can sometime get a bad name, when done correctly it works wonders. Ensuring that high-quality, legitimate and relevant sites are linking to you is so important that it’s hard to rank without it. It’s the fuel that powers your site organically.

Suffering from stagnent traffic and backlinks?

An increase in backlinks doesn’t lead to an increase in traffic. As mentioned above, it’s vital you’re building the right links to your site otherwise you’ll face stagnant traffic every time.

Use case example

With the health and wellbeing industry booming, I was approached by one of its market leaders to help boost their content marketing and link acquisition. Specialising in nutritional support via an extensive range of vitamins and supplements, the client specifically wanted to prioritise organic visibility across its product range.

Growth through link building


A combination of meticulously curated content and highly authoritative placement meant that we were able to breathe new life into my client’s online presence. The result of the strategy was a 38% increase in keywords featuring in the top three positions. This, in turn, generated a 72% increase in organic traffic, placing a lucrative generic ranking spotlight on my client’s key products rather than just the multivitamin brand name.

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