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Hey there! I’m an agency director, SaaS co-founder, multi-ecommerce owner, FBA and affiliate marketer. For almost a decade, I have been trusted by hundreds of businesses to grow them organically online.

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SEO strategies and consultation

/ technical seo

Technical SEO is the foundation of your site succeeding in the long term. My technical SEO audits and recommendations uncover everything from onsite, backend to offsite.

/ data research

Tailored research helps identify new keyword opportunities, current content optimisations and onsite elements. All this valuable data provides the fuel for a successful strategy.

/ organic strategies

Successful strategies are fueled by data, which includes anything from onsite optimisation to seo link building and technical audits to content marketing.

Frequently asked SEO questions

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimisation and is the process of improving your website favourably to a search engine's algorithm to increase its visibility. The goal of SEO is to rank high within the search engine results pages and drive organic traffic from search terms users are searching for online. It is a great asset for online businesses to attract leads and convert them into new customers. It has become more popular as internet proliferation, and the volume of online businesses, increase.

The overarching aim of SEO is to rank your website for relevant search terms, serving users the best content first. The journey begins when someone enters a query into a search engine, whether that's Google, Bing, you name it. 


Search engines use bots to crawl thousands and thousands of web pages to collect information. When crawling websites, bots will evaluate hundreds of ranking factors, that affect your likelihood of ranking for relevant terms. That way, the search engine will be able to serve you exactly what you're looking for based on your search term.


Within these crawls, algorithms are deployed considering these various ranking factors. These include everything from content readability, keywords included, site security, speed, and so much more. The algorithms will then rank your site based on how well it's performed against its ranking factors.

I develop effective SEO strategies with the extensive knowledge and experience I have gained from over 10 years of working in the SEO industry. The ever-changing SEO industry often throws out algorithm updates. I ensure that my services are always in line with the latest updates from search engines to ensure a successful SEO campaign. 

My services usually start with technical SEO audits and recommendations. This helps set the foundation for a long-term successful SEO campaign. This covers everything from canonical, redirects and error pages through to site speed, security and usability factors. 

Alongside other data research such as keyword opportunity analysis, keyword research, onsite analysis and much more, I pull together a tried and tested strategy that has worked for so many online businesses over the years.

The data usually leads to content creation, onsite optimisation, digital PR and backlink building, followed by user experience tweaks. So we start driving different types of traffic, converting more and therefore leading to more conversions and revenue for you.

We use a process that begins with data research. As an SEO consultant, the research helps me understand your current situation. A strategy can then be developed with your online goals and bottom line in mind.


A review is conducted after the implementation, and insights are feedback into the process. New algorithm updates cause every strategy to be reviewed. You can trust us to provide strategies that bring your company up to speed with these updates and afford you an edge over competitors.

To get started, you can review some case studies featured on my website. Next, get in touch. I will give you access to my agency which has nurtured online businesses over the years. The agency will outline the next steps in getting started. 

Note that we will need access to your Google Analytics and Google ads account (if you require a PPC proposal) to complete the process.

For over 10 years, my agency has provided clients with significant results for consistent business growth. Using my strategies, my agency has served clients of all sizes and backgrounds. My agency's work is purely metric-based, and we track different key performance metrics for each client based on its goals. 


For example, I’ve increased an online pharmacy's revenue by 105%. Other clients saw a 92% increase in year-on-year organic traffic, while some experienced a 130% in page-one keywords.


For a leading vitamin brand, I increased organic traffic to the product pages by 72%. Consumable brand clients saw a whopping 85% increase in ad revenue, while another experienced a massive 313% increase in page one keywords.

SEO is part of various interconnected efforts for every online business to scale. You can talk of content marketing and backlinking, two of the most important competencies that search engine optimisation consultants consider for highly efficient SEO results. 

While generating and driving traffic is crucial, clients must know what it takes for that traffic acquisition to be sustainable online. Successful online businesses must build the machinery to run visitors into customers at high conversion rates. 

For the most part, these are the reasons why I developed related skills to complement my SEO consulting services. Here are a few other services I provide, too:


How a content and email marketing strategy can increase your online revenue by 105%


How a multi-channel paid search and SEO strategy can cause a 255% increase in keywords ranking


How consistent quality content and link building can increase organic revenue by 81%

My SEO & marketing consulting process

01 / Discovery

At the discovery stage, we find out your goals, struggles, organisational setup and much more. We rely on this information to make a sound analysis and well-informed proposal.

02 / Analysis

I then provide a brief analysis of your online business. Our analysis is accurate yet broken down for more comprehension and presents a strategy showing how we can work together.

03 / Strategy

The strategy unpacks more details and actions. I also add a cost estimate here. This way, you understand the amount of work put in and the level of change to expect.

04 / Execution

This is where we talk about finalities, and you sign off on the strategy. Once signed off, we get to work. We usually start with research, execution, and regular reviews.

A bit about me. In 2013 I quit my job after ranking my own site and creating a passive income. 10 years down the line, I have built an agency that has serviced & grown over 200 online businesses. Co-founded an email platform that has sent 20+ billion emails. Acquired & multiplied 5 ecommerce businesses. Grown 12 affiliate sites & released 7 market-leading products through Amazon FBA. All made possible through my love for the ever-growing SEO landscape and creating strategies that grow all types of business.

SEO & digital marketing consultant in London

How can SEO grow your business?

There’s no doubt that search engine optimisation has become the most common and effective way to understand and reach potential and existing customers. 

Organic search is a mainstay in the buyer funnel and an important indicator of a website’s performance. About 83% of modern customers research their products before purchasing. That means your business is very well out of reach if it doesn’t appear in the search results after a potential customer completes a query. 

As a professional SEO consultant, the goal is to develop a clean, mobile-friendly, secure, and fast website with an effective user experience. A website with these qualities makes it easier for your business to appear in search results. 

Generally, SEO services are targeted at improving a business’s user experience, and technical SEO capabilities. SEO spending for businesses keeps increasing. In 2020, the total SEO spending came to over £47 billion. The total value is expected to increase to £80 billion by the end of 2023.

My SEO agency

I founded my agency in 2013 as an all-around digital marketing and ecommerce consultant startup. Today, it has become a repository of everything I love about online marketing and growing online businesses. My overarching aim is to help online businesses grow. This is also at the agency’s core. The agency’s template for clients is to facilitate growth operations treating the client’s business as ours. The team at the agency prides itself in developing simple, effective, and goal-oriented efforts to drive growth. Our clients operate in different backgrounds, from services to consumables. Working with them gives the team at the agency a cocktail of experiences and principles required for growing online businesses of all types and sizes. Beyond experience, our team members are up to date with emerging technologies and solutions evolving in the industry at a fast rate. This makes our team flexible enough to develop bespoke SEO services that don’t only fit your brand but also work for the current time we’re in. As an agency, our SEO services cover the entire UK, with other SEO and PPC clients spread out worldwide.

Other services that complement SEO

As a PPC & Google Ads consultant, my work revolves around all types of ads. Combining these areas helps create a formidable foundation for online growth.

My digital marketing consultancy services include SEO, PPC, backlinks, and other vital elements that can afford you a successful campaign.

The ecommerce space continues to thrive for both existing companies and new entrants. I can help with your Shopify and Magento ecommerce growth strategies.

A content marketing consultant is crucial if you want to grow your business in a highly saturated digital landscape like today. My content marketing consultancy services combine user experience and quality content.

Link building enables search engine algorithms to rank your page. Quality link building services improve your site’s strength and search engine rankings. 

My digital PR services focus on clients’ reputation, traffic, and authority. My services include planning clients in reputable publications online to improve online visibility, credibility, and authority.

Google’s algorithm & its affect on SEO

Google pushes out algorithm updates quite inconsistently; there’s no real pattern to them – they release as and when Google feels it’s best. It’s hard to tell when a new update will emerge. Whilst Google pushes out their algorithm, a site can see an increase or decrease in traffic and ranking keywords. Whether it’s Google announcing a higher importance of mobile user experience or EAT content, they will always release notes of the latest updates. Although there are the usual SEO hacks that can be used, it’s vital that myself and my agency continually keep on top of these updates so all of our clients and partners continue to see online growth.