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Hey, I’m Gareth Bull – an agency director, SaaS co-founder, multi-ecommerce owner, FBA and affiliate marketer, with extensive experience helping other ecommerce businesses scale their growth.

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Ecommerce consultant services in London

/ organic ecommerce strategies

Organic strategies continue to evolve over time, especially in the ecommerce space. My strategies are up-to-date with Google’s algorithms, whilst also being customised around your online goals. 

/ paid ecommerce strategies

Paid ecommerce strategies offer you a quicker route to gain traffic from potential and existing customers. As a Google Ad consultant, I’ll point you in the right direction and drive revenue through Google shopping, display and social ads.

/ customer experience strategies

Driving traffic is one challenge in itself, but converting that traffic is usually something businesses forget. Our customer experience audits uncover all conversion blockers for a smooth customer experience.

Frequently asked ecommerce questions

Marketing an ecommerce store has changed a lot over the years, especially with a continuous rise in competition and market saturation. Standing out in a saturated market isn't easy. 


However, a multi-channel ecommerce strategy focusing on building awareness, converting traffic, curating customers and driving lifetime value is key to a sustainable ecommerce business. 


All aspects of marketing for an ecommerce must be in place when it comes to driving back old customers due to the cost of acquisition for new customers. My ecommerce strategies include a multi-channel approach to drive long term revenue.

The industry's value crossed 5 trillion dollars at the start of 2022, and it's expected to reach 11 trillion dollars by 2025. Reports indicate that the ecommerce world sees 12 to 24 million ecommerce sites popping up daily. With this rapid growth comes increased competition, but many of the industry's players have already started leveraging emerging trends like delivery drones and omnichannel experiences to scale their ecommerce offerings.

My ecommerce consulting services span various digital marketing techniques, from SEO and link building, right through to paid ads and digital PR. In short, I help ecommerce brands dive into traffic and improve their customer experiences, which are crucial to their online relevance, credibility, and authority.

As an ecommerce marketing consultant, the process for ecommerce strategies is not a one-size-fits-all. Each client's current situation and marketing objectives can determine how we roll out the planning and implementation processes.


However, a general cycle best fits all the efforts we invest in our ecommerce strategies. The cycle starts with an extensive research dive, trying to understand your pain points, current situation, marketing history, and aspirations for the short and long-term future.


This gives me enough context and presents a solid foundation for a successful ecommerce strategy. Implementation follows after your review and green light.

After we discuss your strategy and roadmap for implementation, all we need next is your approval. From this stage, you can access my agency which has been the solid machinery behind the excellence we bring to the table. They'll provide the next steps required for our work together. Note that we will require Google analytics and Google ads access, especially if you want to include PPC advertising in your ecommerce marketing strategy.

I have been helping online businesses grow for nearly a decade. With my seasoned knowledge and experience working with clients, I can generate the results expected of me as a consultant. All my clients get to enjoy the quality and excellence associated with my ecommerce marketing efforts. 


Some specific results worth mentioning include remarkable revenue growth for an online pharmacy, crossing the 100% revenue target set. I have also helped clients increase organic traffic by 72%, boosted an 85% increment in ad revenue, and earned a massive 313% increase in page one keywords.

Digital marketing is an expansive field. Resting on your laurels after a few success stories with a specific technique is tempting. Businesses can explore various results by considering complementary ecommerce techniques. I provide several other services to help you diversify your marketing efforts and revenue sources. 

These services include PPC advertising, content marketing, and backlinking to make your ecommerce platform more appealing to Google algorithms. 



How a multi-channel paid search and SEO strategy can cause a 255% increase in keywords ranking


How a content and email marketing strategy can increase your online revenue by 105%


How to achieve a 10x ROAS and increase revenue through dynamic search ads and Google Shopping

My ecommerce consulting process

01 / Discovery

I’ll get to know you and your online store, understand your goals, and review your marketing history to help with my analysis and decisions.

02 / Analysis

I’ll then look into your analytics, current rankings, ad accounts and much more. Helping to give me the data behind my strategy.

03 / Strategy

I’ll then present a roadmap with timelines. We’ll discuss costs and ensure all little details are in sync before execution. 

04 / Execution

You’re now clear on how we’ll roll out. What’s next is for you to sign off on the strategy. Once I have the green light, we can get to work.

A bit about me. In 2013, I quit my job after ranking my own site and creating a passive income. 10 years down the line, I have built an agency that has serviced & grown over 200 online businesses. Co-founded an email platform that has sent 20+ billion emails. Acquired & multiplied 5 ecommerce businesses. Grown 12 affiliate sites & released 7 market-leading products through Amazon FBA. All made possible through my love for the ever-growing SEO landscape and creating strategies that grow all types of business.

Ecommerce consultant in London

How do you grow an ecommerce business?

Growing an ecommerce sustainably will include a multi-channel approach. If you’re currently propped up by one channel of traffic and revenue, you are risking the longevity of your store. For example, if your traffic and revenue currently come from Google Ads, you may need an SEO expert to help grow your organic channels. Due to the regular algorithm updates and ongoing increase in competition, expanding your marketing channels is a given.

For startups, driving short-term traffic and revenue through Google shopping, search ads, or social advertising is a great way to get started. This provides security whilst a content marketing and SEO strategy can be implemented to drive low acquisition and long-term success. 

My ecommerce marketing agency

My digital marketing agency was founded in 2013. For around a decade, it has been the machinery amplifying my ecommerce marketing strategies, ensuring that my clients get their desired results. We own their problems and share their stories.

Other services that will complement your ecommerce

Pay-per-click advertising can be a quick fix to generate traffic and revenue. Myself and my team have grown numerous ecommerce businesses through PPC channels. 

As a digital marketing consultant, I offer in-depth insights into SEO, PPC, and other channels. I provide digital marketing strategies and services that drive ROI. 

My job as an SEO consultant is to audit, implement and grow your site organically, considering its marketing needs and budget limitations.

I provide quality, engaging content that drives organic traffic, conversions and revenue. Expect everything from in-depth audits to calendars and regular content. 

Quality links are a mainstay in SEO and traffic acquisition. I help clients to unlock the power behind high-authority links to help them rank high across search engines.

I help online businesses share their journeys with customers through publications and other media opportunities to drive authority online.

How was ecommerce affected by COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the ecommerce industry and digital marketing landscape. For the most part, these changes were more positive than negative. According to Gartner Inc, marketing budgets increased from 6.4% to 9.5% of total company revenues during the pandemic, indicating that more businesses are leveraging digital strategies for online growth. The pandemic also transitioned the ecommerce industry 10 years into the future for predicted revenue growth.