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You’ll be gaining access to a trusted digital PR service from an experienced agency director, SaaS co-founder, multi-ecommerce owner, FBA and affiliate marketer, who has built growth for an empire of businesses..

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/ creative campaigns

I have a team of creative experts that leave no stones unturned when it comes to putting together catchy and memorable content that will engage your target audience.

/ publication links

This includes placing hard-to-resist content in the right publications, which builds top-quality links, drives traffic, and increases your authority.

/ link acquisition

Here, we’ll ensure that you reap all the benefits of our search engine optimisation strategies at every stage, by combining ongoing link acquisition with publication link acquisition.

Frequently asked digital PR questions

Digital Public Relations, or digital PR for short, is a marketing strategy businesses use to expose their brand, thereby expanding their online presence. For example, an online PR agency will network with bloggers, online media influencers, and journalists, then send press releases that will attract high-quality backlinks, and mentions from social media platforms, and improve search engine optimisation. 

This is done by featuring your brand, products, or services on your target audience's websites, the social media platform they use to connect, and even the podcast they love listening to. With digital PR, your business' website visibility and ranking on search engines can greatly improve, making it easy for your target audience to find you easily whenever they use search engines.

Digital PR has more than a cosmetic effect on your site. As much as it can seem like a vanity metric to be featured in big publications, PR can provide many benefits. Publication links can drive referral traffic, brand awareness, organic visibility and also provide a great return on campaign spend if your content goes viral. 

There are many forms and techniques of digital PR to land excellent links. Whether it's newsjacking, viral content pieces or expert quotes, they all achieve the same goal: to land links on strong sites. 


We offer all types of digital PR. Our creative team works on topical content pieces that journalists love to feature. We also offer an easier route to publication links using techniques such as expertise quotes and newsjacking to feature you on huge publications.

The truth is that a lot of research is needed for the success of any digital PR strategy. The reason is that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to implementing the right PR strategies for a business. Research is highly crucial as it helps to understand what setup your business is currently working with, your new expectations/goals, the market you are trying to break into, the audience your business wants to attract, and your bottom line. With these, the PR strategies that will work for your business can be set up and implemented, and the impact measured. Be assured that I won't be cutting corners or leaving any stones unturned to offer you the best strategies that your business needs.

Before you jump right in, you can look at some of my case studies and learn more about my work before getting in touch. This way, you'll have access to my agency and the incredible set of businesses I have worked with. Our PR starts with us understanding your business goals and what you need to achieve. My team will then pull together a strategy that suits your needs with pricing and roadmap. 

My digital PR agency has an excellent record with many clients. Examples include a recorded growth revenue of 105% and an increase of 92% in organic traffic. I’ve also done wonders with ranking performance, allowing a 313% and 130% increase in page-one keywords for two more clients.


At this point, knowing a bit about who you will be doing business with won't harm you at all. I quit my job in 2013 and successfully ranked my website, creating a sustainable passive income. It's been nearly a decade since then, and I've built an agency that has helped over 200 online businesses scale up. I also co-founded an email platform that has successfully sent over 20 billion emails for digital marketing needs. 


Furthermore, I have acquired e-commerce businesses, grown affiliate marketing sites, and launched seven market-leading products via the Amazon FBA. My love for continuously growing my PR knowledge has helped me make these possible, creating strategies that have helped many grow various business types.

I have other services I render apart from the ones already mentioned above, which have been useful to many clients who employ my services to improve their businesses and revenue. These services have helped my clients open multiple channels of income for their existing online businesses. For example, many clients who come with their SEO improvement needs also had to take up my content marketing services as they saw the need. Some clients also came intending to add quick streams of revenue, like pay per click, to their website, which is not a bad idea if you want income right away. However, they also made a good decision by employing a more robust SEO setup, increasing traffic for greater long-term results.



How strong link building campaign can increase organic traffic by 72% in 6 months


How consistent quality content and link building can increase organic revenue by 81%


How a multi-channel paid search and SEO strategy can cause a 255% increase in keywords ranking

My digital PR process

01 / Discovery

This first step involves getting to know and understand your current business setup, struggles, the team you are working with, and your goals.

02 / Analysis

The discovery step will provide me with details so I can deliver an analysis of your current setup and how I can grow your online business.

03 / Strategy

Everything is transparent to you, so you know the exact steps to be taken to improve your website and roadmap of how much it will cost.

04 / Execution

Once you know what to expect and all is signed off, my team and I will start working on the strategy, with regular reporting and reviews.

A bit about me. In 2013, I quit my job after ranking my own site and creating a passive income. 10 years down the line, I have built an agency that has serviced & grown over 200 online businesses. Co-founded an email platform that has sent 20+ billion emails. Acquired & multiplied 5 ecommerce businesses. Grown 12 affiliate sites & released 7 market-leading products through Amazon FBA. All made possible through my love for the ever-growing SEO landscape and creating strategies that grow all types of business.

Digital PR services

How can Digital PR grow your business?

Finding a way to make your website stand out from the billions of websites out there is crucial if you wish to sustain your revenue and growth. This is where digital PR can help. 

Put simply, the stronger the link you land, the higher the authority of your site. We have built years of relationships with journalists who provide fantastic links from all your favourite publications.

We have landed strong links on websites like Yahoo, Express, The Sun, NY times, Metro, Daily Mail, and more. These authoritative, strong links drive engagements and shares, which can impact organic rankings.

My digital PR agency

Founded almost a decade ago, my digital marketing agency has become a solid foundation other online businesses have come to trust for their scale-up needs and revenue improvement. My digital PR agency, Bulldog, will treat your business needs and goals as if they were ours. We have recorded success working with hundreds of clients, so we can undoubtedly say we have the experience required to help you grow your online business, no matter the size.

Other services that complement digital PR

I also provide services to help your website generate quick revenue through PPC services such as Google Shopping, Bing, social ads and much more.

My digital marketing consultant services combine all online marketing services into one multi-channel strategy so you can benefit from huge online growth.

While there are many ways to set up and grow an ecommerce business, my agency specialises in ecommerce growth, combining SEO and PPC to increase revenue.

The importance of quality and engaging content for an online business can’t be overemphasised; I combine user experience with user needs to drive traffic. 

No doubt, link building is the true force behind increasing traffic and authority. Our link building services rank your site with high-authority targeted links.

From onsite audits to optimisations, my SEO services will focus on the long-term growth of your business, bearing in mind your desired goals.

Digital PR vs traditional PR

Digital PR is quite similar to traditional PR in many ways, especially since both aim at improving a brand’s awareness and traffic. Traditional PR works by networking with journalists to get content featured in print publications. Back in the day, a publicist’s PR goal was to get his or her client’s brand or business included in magazines, newspapers, radio, and television.

However, in modern times, where internet usage is widespread, traditional PR is combined with or has completely shifted to digital PR. Because it involves strategies mostly implemented on the internet, online methods offer businesses a much wider audience than traditional PR methods cannot deliver. Digital PR utilises internet-based methods such as content marketing, SEO, social media outreach, and partnership with well-known influencers. It also includes a variety of marketing possibilities, such as being interviewed by online publications and using the interactive advantage of social media platforms for wider recognition and business growth.