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Trusted link building services from an agency director, SaaS co-founder, multi-ecommerce owner, FBA and affiliate marketer who has created an empire of businesses, using link strategies to achieve growth.

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Link building backlink service in the UK

/ backlink audit

To be sure your backlink profile is suitable for links, a backlink profile review is necessary to understand how we can build the right links to make an impact.

/ keyword opportunity analysis

This analysis reveals the most suitable quick-win opportunities. These can be used to drive traffic to your website so that keywords with specific high intent can be targeted.

/ link acquisition

Link building is the actual power behind your site’s performance on search engines. You need a reliable link-building strategy from sites with high authority that promotes keyword rankings.

Frequently asked link building questions

Link building is described as the process of obtaining inbound links or backlinks to your website. Backlinks are links from other sites that link back to your site.


Knowing the types of links you can build for your website and how these links work is recommended. This way, you will have a strong foundation on assessing links with quality and the ones that you will find most valuable for the growth of your business. That said, there are two major link types: outreached and editorial. 


Editorial links, also referred to as digital PR, are given out editorially without being asked or paid for. It’s worth mentioning that editorial links can be very impactful. However, they may be difficult to acquire.


The process of generating backlinks is easy for the big players in industries, since they have authority. However, if you want to acquire this link, your website will have to have something worthy of linking it to, i.e., something that will gather your audience’s attention and is also promoted or marketed properly.


There are also blog-generated links, also referred to as general link building. These links can be generated by guest posts or articles written on other sites instead of your website. PR experts use them in marketing brands as it helps to touch a wider audience.

One of the essential benefits of link building is adding credibility to your website; because of Google's search algorithm, the more relevant the links, the better your site's ranking performance. If you fail to adopt link-building strategies, your site won’t appear in more than half of search engines' ranking considerations.


This means that search engines like Google will not rank your site since there are no links to it. Even if your websites have the most engaging, high-quality content, you will not rank well as search engines highly value links.


Therefore, every business website needs an effective link-building strategy, which will attract the type of audience your business needs, improving the traffic coming from external sources. As you adopt Google's guidelines and build links within your business's niche, you'll improve your rankings and attract the right traffic to your website.

Link building is the actual power behind your site's performance on search engines. My job is to provide a reliable link-building strategy for your website from other sites with high authority that promotes keyword ranking. 


You'll also need a backlink profile review, which is necessary to understand how your site can rank with search engines and ensure your backlink profile is suitable for links. I will also perform keyword analysis which reveals the most suitable quick-win opportunities that can be used to drive traffic to your websites so that keywords with specific high intent can be targeted.

Research is highly crucial as it helps to understand what your current link-building setup is, your business goals, the audience you want to attract, and your bottom line. With these, a strategy is set up and implemented. We will create content tailored to your business, anchors, and placement site. You are welcome to check this before it gets landed. Rest assured that you will be getting the best link-building strategies that your business needs.

You can look at some of my case studies and learn more about my previous work before contacting me. This way, you'll have access to the incredible businesses I have worked with. Link building services start with us understanding your goals. Whether you're looking for a monthly retainer or you want to operate on a per per link service, we can provide you with the right service for you.

My link building agency has recorded success with many clients, from growth revenues of 105%, a 92% increase in organic traffic, and a whopping 313% increase in page one keywords. With these achievements, made possible by our link-building packages and other services, our prospective clients can rest, knowing that the needs of their business are in good hands.

Alongside link building, I provide many other online services. Many of my clients have taken advantage of these services to create multiple revenue channels. You should also consider this option when scaling your online business.

My other available services will complement your digital marketing needs. What's more, driving traffic is great, but having an additional setup that caters to high conversion rates to convert visitors to your website into customers is also crucial. Here is a list of all of my services.



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How consistent quality content and link building can increase organic revenue by 81%


How a content and email marketing strategy can increase your online revenue by 105%

My link building process

01 / Discovery

The discovery step involves getting to know and understand your business’s current setup, struggles, and goals.

02 / Analysis

Data from the discovery step will provide an analysis of your current setup and how to proceed to work and grow your online business/website.

03 / Strategy

We lay out your strategy to make the whole process transparent to you. You’ll be provided with a link order sheet and roadmap.

04 / Execution

Once you know what to expect and all are agreed upon, my team and I will start working on the link building strategy.

A bit about me. In 2013, I quit my job after ranking my own site and creating a passive income. 10 years down the line, I have built an agency that has serviced & grown over 200 online businesses. Co-founded an email platform that has sent 20+ billion emails. Acquired & multiplied 5 ecommerce businesses. Grown 12 affiliate sites & released 7 market-leading products through Amazon FBA. All made possible through my love for the ever-growing SEO landscape and creating strategies that grow all types of business.

Link building agency in London

What needs to be done before link building starts?

There are essential steps before starting link building, especially if you are aiming for success. Here are a few tips to help you make the most impact from your links…

Ensure that your site is in top form in all technical areas: To ensure you do not leave any stones unturned in this regard, a technical SEO audit can be done to reveal issues that might impair your website from ranking well. 

Optimise onsite elements: Because Google’s algorithm takes several factors into account, you want to make sure your site contains content that’s well-optimised so that it can rank well.

A healthy backlink profile: Unlike the first tip above, this audit is to ensure all is well in terms of backlinks, ensuring you do not have spammy links. What you can have are do-follow and no-follow links in the right mix. What’s more, you should make sure you have a seamless referring domain progression.

My link building agency

Founded almost a decade ago, my agency has grown over the years, becoming a solid foundation for many online businesses that want to scale up or improve their revenue. My success can be attributed to my love for digital marketing and seeing my clients’ businesses succeed. My agency, Bulldog, will treat your business needs and goals as if they were our own. We can boldly say we have the experience to help your online business grow, no matter the size.

Other services that complement link building

Google Shopping, Display, Bing, and Social Ads provide a great foundation for online growth and data while your organic strength builds up.

This is a strategy composed of SEO, content, CRO, and backlinks, all vital to a successful website in the long term.

While there are various ways to run and grow an ecommerce business, I specialise in Magento and Shopify ecommerce growth, utilising SEO and PPC.

We never underestimate the power of content here, so our content marketing strategy synergies both the user experience and the need to drive authority. 

Combining technical audits, optimisation, and content marketing, my SEO link building services grow your online business, keeping your goals in mind.

Our Digital PR agency will help build your brand reputation and increase traffic and authority, putting you in the spotlight of online publications.

What’s the process for link building?

Our building links process is pretty straightforward. Let us know the metrics you want to set on your links, including how many links you want. We’ll like to know if you have a specific anchor you wish to target or if you need our services in forming an anchor plan. You will then be allowed to take a pick out of the list of potential sites and the type of content you want. After selection, we will go ahead with creating the content to your taste and let you approve it. Then, we will contact the site to get your links live. All these processes, from starting to getting your links live, will take 30 days.